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We Design Custom Wood Doors

We believe a door is not just a door: it’s a gateway into a home, it signifies one’s style

and it’s a representation of a type of household. At Pacific Pine Products,

every door we create is a piece of artwork. Let us help you design the door of your dreams.

Our family-owned business has been in operation since 1988. We design and build

custom doors at our mill in Lakeview, Oregon; however, our showcase of artwork

is located in Truckee, California at High Sierra Custom Door. 

Our doors are handcrafted and designed by request. You won’t find one of our custom wooden doors in anyone else’s home.

Every door involves an intricate and delicate process of crafting, molding, shaping and preparing just the right piece of wood.

Our dedication to quality construction surrounds every piece of artwork we create.If you’re looking for a uniquely styled door to fit your home,

come to Pacific Pine Products. Our high-quality custom doors are unlike anything else on the market.

We create each door individually so it reflects the style and presence of our clients.

Whatever style, size, or design you’re looking for, Pacific Pine Products will create the door that matches your vision.

Pacific Pine Products designs doors

for luxury homes in and around Lake Tahoe, California. If you’re looking

to buy a custom door, call High Sierra Custom Door at (530) 587-1993 or visit to get more information about

the type of custom wooden door we can build for you.

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